Top Websites like GoMovies – Best Alternatives to GoMovies

websites like GoMovies: was among the top streaming movie websites, however due to various reasons, it stopped. However, there’s a brand new Gomovies website available which offers a decent quantity of movies and everything.

websites like GoMovies

In the case of streaming websites for movies the movie lover’s appetite is never satisfied. that’s why we’re present with the 8 most popular sites similar to Gomovies. you could say that we’ll provide you with 8 alternatives to Gomovies that are guaranteed to satisfy your craving for movies in a way. Let’s look at the top 8 sites that look like Gomovies.

8 Best Sites Like Gomovies

Azmovies is among the largest sources of Hollywood films. In addition, they have captions for a majority of the films so that even if you do not want to watch films in English you can check whether subtitles are available in the language you prefer. Like the name suggests,”AZ” meaning A through Z. the collection includes movies from 1948 through 2020, which is a huge amount and also means that you can even watch classic movies from the past.


One of the benefits is that each film is delivered from two servers to ensure that the movie is available from any server. The only thing that can be irritating occasionally is that the initial click can open some ads in a different tab on your browser, you can close it and follow on the hyperlink to launch the. It is among the top sites similar to Gomovies. has a variety of fantastic films to choose from they even have a the option of “Top IMDB” that gives you a list of the top films. Every movie page you be able to view it will display the IMDB rating, which will give you an impression of whether the film is worth your time or not.

Alongside movies, many television shows are available to enjoy also. The entire program is absolutely free. The videos are of top quality. The only downside is that when you click an image on the site the site opens a new tab with ads that can be very irritating. Additionally, I came across one of the most enjoyable films on the site. I was extremely surprised by they weren’t available on other sites I found on Bmovies.

While every streaming site has television and movies in general, has viral videos in its list, too. which allows you to watch the shortest viral video are perfect for those who aren’t able to sit down and watch a film.

The site has a wide variety of films and TV series , but you may encounter difficulties at times, such like “This movie is not available in your location”. To overcome this problem, make use of a reliable VPN to alter your IP to various locations, to discover which one permits you to view the film, and then, you can then watch.

Primewire is among the most popular sites, similar to gomovies. But it’s better , I think, since it comes with a myriad of filters to help you find the movies like “Release country”, “Top IMDB”, “Genres”, “Top Watched” etc. These filters aid in narrowing the search for the perfect movie to stream. They are using stable servers that permit streaming movies with ease.

Furthermore, the website offers a variety of films that span a variety of genres. They also offer TV shows too. While they provide these for no cost, if you wish you could join their premium plans to remove advertisements, as well as the access to content that is 18+. is among the most popular websites like Gomovies since it allows you to watch a wide range of films from various genres and TV shows. The homepage of the site is extremely clean and well-designed. While I am impressed by the site but I did not notice which was that I wasn’t capable of rewinding the film while watching. In addition, for choosing subtitles, I was asked to sign in. This means that there are some items you could get after logging into the website, but everything else is good with the website. There are a lot of movies to watch.

One distinctive feature I’ve seen on the website includes the option “Actress” which shows you the list of actresses as you tap on anyof them, you’ll be able to see all the films that a specific actress appeared. It’s an excellent feature for people who wish to view the films of their favorite actresses. In addition, there is a menu is named “Actress” but you can view that the Actors list on this page as well. This means that you can search for every film starring an actor in particular. Overall, it’s an excellent site and one of the top alternatives to Gomovies too.

Do not connect it to P*rn websites or adult websites in the event that you see an “X”. LOLz!! Xmovies08 is among the best movie streaming sites which offer a variety of films. It is possible to use their diverse categories, such as “Most watched”, “Most popular in 2020”, to search for the most watched movies. You can also go to the films based on their genre and release date and release year.

The website is great and advertisements are not too bad also, so you can enjoy the films fairly well for free.

Soap2day movies

Soap 2 day is another excellent Gomovies alternative that you include on your list since they have some great films on their website. Films are categorised according to Country and Genres making it easier to narrow your search. It is also possible to watch TV shows on this website. There is even an option to search to find Top IMDB movies. Furthermore, the ads on this site can be annoying, however you can view movies absolutely free.

There is also a list of requested films where the movies are listed in order of when they were requested by users. You can sign on to the website, and then make a request for the movie you’d like to see on the site as well.

Final Words on WebSites Like Gomovies

There are a lot of streaming sites that stream movies However, they do occasionally go offline because of DMCA problems or other issues. We have to maintain a variety of lists of movies to stream. So, I’ve started to compile a list of various websites for movies. Recently I published an article with the title 10 sites like Icefilms , in which I’ve listed 10 of the most popular movie streaming sites that you should check out if you’re searching for movie websites. Additionally, the article contains numerous websites. We have a lot of lists of movies to give to you. Keep these lists in your bookmarks to keep these lists handy for you.

I hope you enjoy this article, sites like Gomovies.

Top 7 Best Kodi Addons for Live TV in 2022

Kodi has become an integral component of our everyday lives and plays a considerable role if you’re a tech-savvy cable cutter. As you probably know, this software utilizes popular third-party Kodi addons capable of streaming media in the net. However, you need to know which ones work as advertised, and which ones to avoid. That is why we provides you an overview of the very best live TV Kodi addons available right now.

As you’re going to see, seeing live TV through Kodi is a realistic chance. We have managed to find a group of addons, most of which can be found in Kodi’s official repository. Additionally, the majority of these come free-of-charge, which will be something which cord-cutters are going to love. Therefore, considering that we have plenty of options in front of us, let us begin.

Before we proceed further, we’ve got a word of warning for you. Our strong advice is to make certain that you’re using Kodi safely and legally. Having said that, we want you to read our disclaimer disclaimer as well as the following warning message. Let’s take a peek at the 10 finest live TV Kodi addons in 2020.


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Best 7 Kodi live tv addon



Many ways, Pluto.TV is comparable to our prior recommendation. This is yet another free live TV platform, offered in a select group of countries. There’s no need to enroll to experience any complicated set-up procedures — all you need to do is to set up the Pluto.TV Kodi addon. Once you do so, you will be greeted with a polished UI, showing you the list of available channels. However, registering for an account does come with a few perks.

Pluto.TV offers some flexibility as well, as it doesn’t provide live TV stations only. Additionally, it comes with a set of themed live-streams, which means you can watch movies and TV shows reside. And in the event that you’d like to look at its in-built library, then make sure to install its official app on your smartphone.


XUMO is among the latest watch movies online free full movie no sign up solutions at the moment. Originally available in the united states, it may be now utilized at a high number of countries worldwide. Depending on your location, you will see a group of channels that come out of big-name broadcasters or which are based around certain themes (like politics, movies, reality TV, and similar). Many of these come in HD, perfect for watching in your own large-screen TV.

We sincerely expect to see XUMO available for a very long time to come. However, there are already talks about Comcast buying this streaming service and we expect to see this move without any significant alterations. Without any doubt, this is one of the best live TV Kodi addons, and if you want to learn more — check our full XUMO.TV review.

Catch-Up TV

In case you’d like to get a library that brings a mixture of international TV channels, we have a proposition for you. Called’Catch-Up TV & ‘, this addon is just one of the most popular ones right now (despite its generic title ).

It keeps track of some of those TV stations it offers and then supplies a so-called catch-up TV service. And if that’s not enough, you can stay on top of the hottest videos supplied by 18 reputable sites.

iPlayer WWW

Next, our listing of the best live TV Kodi addons would not be full without BBC’s iPlayer. As its name states, this is an OTT platform given by the BBC, giving you access to live and on-demand content.

As soon as you become tired of seeing live TV, you can switch to streaming on-demand content. The iPlayer WWW Kodi addon comes with hundreds of TV shows and movies, and we’re referring to lately aired titles here. There is really plenty to watch and we believe you’re going to love this particular recommendation.

Newsmax TV

Newsmax TV has existed for many decades now, and it’s currently reaching over 70 million families in america through cable TV. But if you would like to watch this TV channel, which comes completely free of charge, you can even utilize its official site. The exact same live-stream is found on Kodi as well, through the Newsmax TV addon.

As you can see, we are discussing a single TV channel here so this isn’t an addon with multiple options. However, Newsmax TV has attained its popularity rather quickly, particularly in regards to more conservative audiences. Therefore, it’s good to know that it delivers an official Kodi addon too.


USTVnow is about American TV shows and movies, which permits you to eliminate the use of cable forever. However, you should be aware that the addon was created for both US military personnel and citizens who reside overseas. We’re certain that a lot of you would like to stay on top of the latest events occurring in your home state, which is really where USTVnow comes into play.

Besides offering a limited free program, USTVnow includes affordable plans that provide you access to 20+ favorite TV channels. Additionally, it is possible to access its library of on-demand pictures, with over 900 titles available right now. All in all, in case you’re eligible for this digital provider, you should definitely consider using it.


In case you live in Europe, you probably already know about this TV station. As its name states it comes in Germany – however, it airs in multiple distinct languages. By using its own official Kodi addon, you’ll locate Deutsche Welled in English, German, Spanish, and Arabic.


Apart from watching Deutsche Welle live, you can observe its on-demand content. This TV station provides content linked to politics, technology, travel, science, and plenty more. Consequently, if you want an original outlook on the current events, then this should be your go-to place.


And with this, we finish our list of recommendations. As you can see, there are loads of Kodi addons that bring live TV channels. We did our best to think of a diverse list, suitable for different ages and attention. So, joyful streaming!